Financing the green transition with EIFO

The Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) has a particular focus on facilitating the green transition, and we provide financing for projects globally.

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Look to Denmark for strong partners in the green transition. Danish companies are renowned for their world-class technology and know-how within wind energy, PTX and the entire value chain around renewable energy. Combined with long-term financing and risk sharing from EIFO, a state-owned and AAA-rated financial institution with a global perspective, Denmark paves the way for those who dare to think bigger.

World-leading Danish wind cluster

Denmark hosts the headquarters of the world's two biggest producers of wind turbines, Vestas Wind Systems and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, as well as a multitude of subsuppliers and R&D activities. This is the result of a decades-long strategy from both the Danish public and private sector. 

New green technologies

While continuing to develop and strengthen the wind sector, Denmark and Danish companies are now using the position in wind energy as a platform to establish a similar position in new green technologies. This is especially true for the rapid development and scaling of technologies within PtX, CCUS and energy efficiency.  

EIFO - your partner in the green transition

EIFO is one of the world’s most experienced financial partners in wind financing and the world’s leading export credit agency in the field.

EIFO is ready to finance new green technology projects globally with partners from all over the world as we have done within wind energy. The world needs to decarbonize through renewable energy, energy efficiency, and alternative fuels and chemicals for hard-to-abate sectors.

EIFO has the mandate, the tools, and the creative experience to support transitional projects around the world.
— Werner Grub, Head of Origination

EIFO is already financing new endeavors for Danish companies in these fields. In March 2023, for instance, EIFO provided a guarantee worth almost $50 million to cover the construction of a new Topsoe facility. The Denmark-based company will use the plant to manufacture its state-of-the art electrolysers for hydrogen production.

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EIFO is also investing in some of the many exciting power-to-x startups in Denmark, including HPNow, which has developed an electrochemical technology for the sustainable generation of hydrogen peroxide, and Blue World Technologies that is manufacturing methanol fuel cells to decarbonize shipping. Dynelectro, which offers a unique method of extending life expectancy of solid oxide electrolysis (SOE), is another example.


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