ESG-process for category A and B export transactions

Read here and learn how ESG forms part of EIFO’ s assessment of export transactions involving medium to high risk.

image Photo: Worker on top of wind turbine (Shutterstock)
ESG considerations create value for Danish exports

For EIFO, showing considerations for the environment and social conditions is a fundamental requirement when we help Danish companies step into the world. EIFO is obliged to follow a number of international agreements related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), however, ESG also helps to create value for the companies. Once ESG is in place, it can make your project run more smoothly. See how ESG is incorporated into EIFO’s assessment of export transactions.

EIFO adheres to OECD's Common Approaches where export projects are classified as A, B and C-projects, based on their environmental and social impact. Below is a description of our ESG process covering A and B-projects which are projects with the potentially highest environmental and social impact.