03 February 2023

Danish health tech business is going to change radiology and free up doctors' time with the help of artificial intelligence

image Photo: From left to right: Frank Rasmussen, PhD, Chief Revenue Officer, Martin Lillholm, PhD, Chief Operating Officer, Kristine Lomholt, Project Director, Matthew Liptrot, PhD, Data & Analytics Director, Robert Lauritzen, Chief Executive Officer, Akshay Pai, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

Cerebriu raises more than 40 million DKK in an investment round from a strong syndicate of investors with large potential, where Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund contributes with nearly 14 million DKK. Cerebriu is going to scale their business and expand the quality focused health technology to the entire world, to reach their goal of improving the quality of health care systems for the benefit of all the citizens of the world.

The Danish company, Cerebriu, is well on their way in their mission to become a global business, which by the help of artificial intelligence is going to make the analysis of brain images provided by MRI scanners more efficient and improve the quality of treatment within radiology worldwide.

One of the significant imprints of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the greater focus towards the health care sector and the crucial role of the health care worker to society. While the population rates rise steadily, and the need for accurate diagnostics and treatment in the health care sector rises with it, the supply of nurses and doctors does not. This is where Cerebriu’s solution becomes valuable.

Cerebriu has created a software which can take large amounts of data and improve image diagnostics in radiology departments all over the world. The software largely functions as a simplification and automatization of the handling of large amounts of data, and through artificial intelligence, Cerebriu’s software frees up time and resources of radiographers and radiologists who analyze the images created by the MRI scanner.

The time it takes to treat the patient is shortened, as a result of the ability of the software to be precise and quick. In fact, the artificial intelligence of the software can read and analyze the data fed to the computer by the MRI scanner in real time, as the patient continues to be inside the scanner, and therefore the software functions as an ultra-intelligent assistant to the radiographer or radiologist.

It is this supporting function to radiographers and radiologists that CEO of Cerebriu, Robert Lauritzen, wants to emphasize:

“We want to support the staff in the health care sector by making the most of the doctors’ and radiographers’ skills, in those scenarios where they are irreplaceable, and free up those tasks where the process can be automated. To us at Cerebriu, it is about simplification, precision, and improvement – so that we face the issues that we see in the health care sector right now, with respect for the health care staff’s skills, resources, and time,” he says.

The team of Cerebriu is made up of a line of heavy weight fighters within the field – a strong combination of PhD’s, university scientists, and specialists from the field of radiology. The strong team has been put together with the goal of training and testing the artificial intelligence of Cerebriu as thoroughly and committedly as possible.

The large investment round of more than 30 million DKK has been established in cooperation between Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund and other investors. The investment is going to facilitate and realize the dreams for the future of Cerebriu, which Robert Lauritzen and the team describe as the goal to expand the solution to the entire world, so that anyone, regardless of circumstances, can access quality treatment:

“We want to create the equipment of the future. Equipment, which is intelligent, and can be distributed worldwide – we want to be the preferred provider of intelligent platforms for scanners. And then we want to be able to do even more. Be even more precise, handle even more data,” Robert Lauritzen explains.

Health technology is an area of investment of particular interest to Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund, and the unique cooperation between the fund and the other investors, who have participated in the investment round in Cerebriu, offer a promising investment climate for the area in the future:

“Cerebriu is a rapidly growing business with a revolutionary product, which enables, as the result of innovation, the possibility of radical improvement in both diagnosis and treatment for patients worldwide. We look forward to seeing what Cerebriu will deliver as a result of this investment. Health tech is an essential position of strength to Denmark, and Cerebriu is a strong example of a business, that with innovative technology creates value to Danish society while simultaneously addressing challenges seen in the health sector all over the world,” explains Claudia Maria Colciago, Senior Investment Manager in Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund, and newly appointed board member of Cerebriu.