11 July 2023

Coalescent Mobile Robotics Raises Seed Funding to Revolutionize Retail Industry with AMRs

image Photo: Robot at work.
Coalescent Mobile Robotics, provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for the retail industry, announced today that it has closed its seed funding round with SuperAngel and EIFO as lead investors. The funding will be used to develop the next generation of AMRs and expand into European markets.

Coalescent Mobile Robotics is a Danish company that develops and sells AMRs to help retailers with their in-store transportation needs addressing workflows such as order fulfilment, restocking garbage collection, among others.

The robots navigate safely and autonomously in the aisles of the store during the day and alongside people to help cut down on the time spent walking by the associates. The collaboration between robots and workers allow to increase productivity, efficiency and improved working conditions.

First deal in Denmark

"We are very excited to be making our first deal in Denmark, given our focus on the Nordics and deeptech. We were impressed by seeing the Coalescent Mobile Robotics in action in the Bilka store, how friendly and welcoming both the clients and Bilka employees were towards them and how intuitive and comprehensive the fleet management software is. We think Coalescent Mobile Robotics has demonstrated a great partnership with Bilka and will go on to ease the heavy physical labor in many other stores across the globe, the same way we've seen robots in our other portfolio companies like Starship and Rocsys help their clients." said Superangel Venture Partner Kart Siilats.

“There is a massive potential in solving the critical lack of automation in retail. Coalescent Mobile Robotics helps psychical retailers adapting to the future with a declining workforce, changing habits and pressure from competition and new business models.” says Investment Manager in EIFO, Simon Frederik Øelund.

"We are happy to welcome aboard SuperAngel, along with all our current investors continuing on this journey with us. This investment will allow us to scale in UK, France along with other European markets. " said Clionadh Martin, founder and CEO of Coalescent Mobile Robotics.

With the seed funding, Coalescent Mobile Robotics will further our innovation to deliver cutting-edge AMRs that can cater to the diverse needs of retailers. The company also plans to launch its next generation of AMRs that will offer more capabilities and features, in the second half of the year. Additionally, Coalescent Mobile Robotics will leverage its strong market position and customer base to expand into other European countries where there is a growing demand for retail automation solutions.

About Coalescent Mobile Robotics

Coalescent Mobile Robotics is an Odense-based startup that provides AMRs for the retail industry. Founded in 2018 by Clionadh Martin, The company aims to revolutionize retail operations with smart and flexible AMRs that can perform various tasks in stores. The AMRs use state-of-the-art sensors, and algorithms to navigate and interact with their environment independently and safely. Coalescent Mobile Robotics' customers include leading retailers in Denmark such as Salling Group and Bilka.