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As a state-owned financial institution, the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) acts as a driving force and an enabler for new endeavors and projects in Denmark and throughout most of the globe. We make ends meet for companies, developers, and banks of all sizes and within most sectors.


Due to Denmark’s strength within wind energy and new green technologies, EIFO has a particular focus on facilitating the global green transition.


EIFO is the national promotional bank and export credit agency of Denmark combined in one financial institution. With our willingness to take risks in financing, we pave the way for those who dare to think bigger.

Green transition and good business performance go hand in hand

Finance your purchase from Denmark in partnership with EIFO

Finance your purchase from Denmark

Purchase Danish goods and services, and benefit from stable, long-term financing at competitive rates. If you need long-term financing to buy goods or services from a Danish company, EIFO, together with a bank, can help you arrange financing from the supplier. We participate in both small and large transactions, and financing can be structured as for instance a buyer credit guarantee or as a project financing.

Together, we can contribute to the global green transition

Due to Denmark’s strength within wind energy, PtX and the entire value chain around renewable energy, EIFO has a particular focus on facilitating the global green transition, allowing the world to access Danish technology and know-how. 


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Uniting Danish competences

A strong global competition between countries and companies had increased the need for governmental support to Danish growth and export companies. The Export and Investment Fund of Denmark unites and builds on the specialised competences and experiences which Vaekstfonden, the Danish Green Investment Fund and EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency has accumulated over the years.


EIFO's solutions
Financing for foreign customers

It often requires more than a strong product to become successful on the export markets, and financing is an important competitive parameter.

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Insuring international transactions

It is difficult to become a successful company without taking chances. An insurance solution from EIFO can protect you against unpleasant surprises.

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Capital for Danish companies

EIFO provides companies with capital for their development plans, either in the form of loans or equity investments.

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